LOUD tour in Japan

loud japan

LOUD released 2 sets from their “Listen To The Music” tour to Japan last November. Their live show @ Unit Tokyo was both recorded and filmed, resulting a fantastic over-2-hours video. Womb, Tokyo, hosted the duo for a full live set that was recorded and released on the band`s Soundcloud. Both events were organized by Dance on the Planet.

Using live gear (synths, drum machine, Effects) to create music right there, on the spot, the duo produced massive live sets. Japan probably sparked the Full-On spirit in LOUD, as their set @ the land of the rising sun were more “Full-on-inst” then their popular sets recorded @ Ozora Festival & Boom Festival.

The combination of LOUD acid-infused music with the fantastic Video art of Heart Lamb, created a super-psychedelic & trippy vibe @ Unit, Tokyo. Watch it:

Video & editing: Masaaki Obari

Listen to LOUD`s set @ Womb Tokyo here:

In case you can skip the cool visual of the band`s set @ Unit, you can listen to the set here:

And a special bonus, with a latino scent: LOUD 4 hours set @ Argentina:

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