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Trancentral TOP 10 LIVE clips 2015!

Trancentral brings you the best LIVE clips of 2015!
We charted the top 10 live video clips of 2015 into one massive playlist. Watch the 2015`s best psychedelic clips of trance parties and festivals from around the world!

So let’s cut the talk and get to business:

It is always a pleasure to watch DJ Tristan during his sets. The Goa trance pioneer always totally into his music, dancing on stage, experiencing the music and the vibe together with the crowd. His set @ Ozora Festival on 2015 was no different, and the huge dancefloor was charge with amazing Psychedelic Trance vibe. Watch it:

2015 marked an impressive comeback for Oforia (Ofer Dikovsky). One of the inventors of the Israeli electronic sound, brought back to life some old tracks recently, and released some massive new tunes during 2015. His well known trademark sound still works two decades after he started playing, and as you can see in the following video, even the police can’t stop the dancefloor madness during his sets.

Upgrade are one of the fast-rising phenomenon of 2015 on the psytrance scene. Their powerful & melodic approach to trance has made their sets very popular, especially in Brazil, where the duo`s sets can cause serious mayhem on the dancefloor as you can see on this video. Watch them go all in on Alien Trip Festival, Brazil.

Check out their album “The Melody Factory”, released May, 2015,  HERE.

LOUD & Ace Ventura – Our Moment was released on Ace Ventura`s last album, Paradise Engeneering (listen to it HERE). Watching the crowd’s reaction when Astrix dropped this tune Live @ Tel Aviv Purim (the Israeli version of Halloween) Street Party proves just how much dancefloor oriented this track is. A true smasher!

Video by Eyal of Hommega.

What more can we say about these 2 veterans that haven`t been said already? They are simply timeless! The crowd @ Ozora festival (most of them could have been Raja`s & Chicago`s grandchildren) was easily infected with their never-ending joyful energy and the powerful music, making it the happiest set of the festival.
Music has no (age) limits

BLiSS produced a super energetic show @ Neverland Festival last October, featuring massive live guitar. The 7 minutes clip features around 10 short clips from his set, successfully capturing the amazing vibe and energies from the crowd.

Go Psychedelic! Simon Posford, the man who put the psy into psytrance, dropping his legendary track “Gamma Goblins” live @ Ozora Festival 2015. Need we say more?

With over 450,000 views (in less than 5 months!) LOUD`s full set @ Ozora Festival 2015 (watch it HERE) is definitely one of the hottest psytrance videos around. Their blend of old school roots influences with cutting-edge fresh new sound fitted perfectly to the huge crowd. LOUD`s full live bend show featured a live drummer, live synths and other live gear. Check out the dancefloor view of LOUD dropping their huge hit “Small Talk” on Ozora.

LOUD & BLiSS live set @ TIP Festival 2015 (by Groove Attack) was something special. Not everyday an innovative collaboration like the one of LOUD & BLiSS happens, especially not on a the form of a LIVE set. The combination of the BLiSS`s power-trance & his live guitar, with the acid-infused vibe of LOUD, worked the dancefloor, electrifying the amazing crowd.  

Here is a 2 minutes clip, check out the full set HERE:

So, the no. 1 LIVE clip of 2015 is……

Vini Vici – The Tribe Blows The Party… Again, @ Ecologic, Brazil. 

You know that feeling… Everybody knows it… You just went to get a drink or some other thing from your tent, or you just needed a rest for a second. But then, you hear a captivating base-line, or a twisted loop, or a killer kick, that just makes you drop everything and run to the dancefloor.

Well… The NO.1 LIVE clip captures exactly that moment.

Vini Vici – The Tribe made everyone run to dancefloor @  Ecologic, Brazil. One of the best tracks released on 2015, The Tribe, smashed countless number of dancefloor around the world, making people jump to the air, stomp the ground and simply be happy.


Here is the full chart on one playlist:



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