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BLiSS @ Neverland Festival, Israel

bliis neverland

BLiSS is Yonatan Marcow, a psychedelic trance producer from Israel. He produces Full-On power trance, with lots of aggression and massive guitar leads with psychedelic twists. His top-notch production and his unique style and has gained massive reputation throughout the scene, and he has already collaborated with some of the leading artists around like Azax Syndrom (a successful collaboration named Azax Bliss), LOUD (putting together a crazy live show @ TIP Festival 2015, Israel), and Ritmo, just to name a few. The crazy and energetic vibe in his love shows has brought him to play in Brazil, Japan, Australia, Mexico and many more.

Tracklist :
00:00 Intro
00:43 BLiSS -­ Skeleton Dance
00:50 Headroom vs Avalon -­ Mindf**k (AzaxBliss Remix)
01:33 AzaxBliss ­- The Animal Side
02:04 AzaxBliss -­ Better Man
02:48 Juno Reactor -­ Guillotine (BLiSS Remix)
04:00 BLiSS -­ Drop n Roll
04:23 Ace Ventura -­ Stomping Ground (BLiSS Remix)
05:19 BLiSS -­ Goash 101
06:02 AzaxBliss -­ Fight Back
06:16 Mashup of Vini Vici (The Tribe) + Azax (The Pit) BLiSS (Stay Sharp )
06:37 BLiSS ­- Warriors

Here is 2 more videos of the killer show @ Neverland festival:


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